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We have several buses available. They vary in size and detail, but basically they are adapted the same: In the front is a comfortable sofa where you can watch movies or play console games and a workplace with a table. Then, eight seats follow with tables. In the middle of the bus there is a small kitchen with a coffee machine, a fridge for drinks and a microwave. At the back there are 10-12 fixed bunks with good mattresses, ventilation and reading lights. There are plenty of 230 outlets all over the buses.


  • 15-17 seats
  • 10-12 bunks with a/c
  • WC
  • Aircondition
  • Fridge
  • Coffee and espresso machine
  • DVD + Xbox One
  • Cd-player
  • 6-9 m3 loading capacity
  • 230V in all bunks
  • Tinted windows
  • Trailer, max 3.500 kg

All of our buses are fitted with exhaust filters that allow them to be approved for driving in the largest Danish cities as well as a number of European metropolitan areas.

We have a couple of trailers with 10 to 17 m3 loading capacity. They a with a loading ramp and secured locks.

Other trailers can be arranged.

BUSFORSYNINGEN - LEJRVEJ 43 - 3500 VÆRLØSE - DENMARK - Tel. +45 40 10 70 69 - www.busforsyningen.dk